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Big Wood Millwork Sales was established in the year 2000. The millwork company originated from the demand of the carpentry business which had been founded in 1990. While Big Wood provides all the retail products, Picanes Caprentry, as it is known, covers all the installation services. 


Today Big Wood Millwork in conjunction with Picanes Carpentry has become a one-stop shop. With much effort and infinite dedication, it has become a well known establishment with varied clientel. Big Wood has been able to provide material for a wide range of architects, builders, designers, contarctors, and home owners covering either residential or commercial construction business. 



Big Wood Millwork specializes in everything dealing with lumber and finish – doors, mouldings, hardware, finish accersories, and custom made orders. This company strives to provide products that are loyal to your expectations and presents lumber and finish materials as elements of design and inspiration.

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